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About Cook Better Than Most Resturants

I started cooking as a child helping my mom and have never stopped.

I started cooking as a child helping my mom and have never stopped.

I believe that all home cooks should know that they can cook better than most restaurants. There is nothing coming out of the kitchens of large chain casual dining restaurants that home cooks can’t make better and often cheaper at home.  Not only will the home cooked food taste better its healthier most of the time too. Empowering people to cook great food at home is also about building a family culture that revolves around sitting down to eat together and share more than just food.

I have affectionately called my situation the “insta-family” I went from single working girl to stay at home step-mom of two teen girls pretty fast.  I have been learning a lot about managing a house and family in the last year or two and I love all of it. I try and feed my family well we have simple and quick breakfasts, easy to pack lunches, and healthy dinners. Much of what we eat you might see on a menu at a restaurant but in our house it tastes better and the wine is affordable. I try to use fresh and local ingredients when practical, but sometimes I only have time for a quick run to the grocery store to get the basics. I include whole gains in everything from pizza dough to oatmeal cookies, and have managed to lower my husband’s cholesterol over 70 points and counting.  Eating well is a luxury that I think every family can afford; it’s also an opportunity to spend time together that every family can’t afford to miss.

Cooking should be a no stress endeavor in life, if a new recipe fails throw it away and call for delivery!!

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